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Art and Design

The aim of the printmaking course is to develop both an intellectual knowledge of printmaking and illustration as well as build practical skills that will equip students to operate as independent artists within a contemporary visual art context.

Students will have access to specialist studio facilities where they will be able to explore all the aspects of contemporary print practice, as well as some rare historical techniques.

Students receive in-depth practical training in a range of traditional processes including etching, silkscreen, stone lithography, relief printing and monoprint. Printmaking offers countless opportunities for image making and students are encouraged to experiment and explore innovative ways to achieve unique hybrid prints and illustrations, enabling them to develop their own personal vocabulary.

Contact with lecturers occurs daily through tutorials, workshops and one-on-one consultation.

On second year level the emphasis is on the practical skills that form the foundation of further personal development.
Reflective and critical visual research is required on third and fourth year level, which lead up to the production of a professional body of work.

On fourth year level, students write an extended research essay that informs and supports the body of works that they produce for exhibition. 

Students will need specific tools, equipment and reading material which will enable them to complete the course, some of which are available from the studio. A material list as well as a reading list will be provided.